Lost Seattle

This page contains additional material for my book Lost Seattle.

Lost Seattle

Pick it up at from your local bookseller. In my neighborhood that would be Elliott Bay Book Company. It’s also available on Amazon or before Christmas at Costco.

Lost Seattle is in its third printing. The second and third printings corrected a few errors (described below).

Lost Seattle was published in 2013 by the Pavilion imprint of Anova Books out of the UK. It was is by Trafalgar Square and the Independent Publishers Group. My book was on the first page of Trafalgar Square’s 280-page Fall 2013 catalog.

Press for Lost Seattle:


The images in the book were selected by me and come from a variety of places. One was taken by my grandfather. A few were taken by me. A good chunk come from the Seattle Public Library, particularly their collection of images taken by Werner Lenggenhager. Many of the SPL images were scanned for the first time for this book. The Seattle Municipal Archives provided many as well as the Washington State Library, Museum of History & Industry, University of Washington Libraries, Library of Congress, and National Archives. A number of private individuals allowed use of photographs – Paul Dorpat of course, also Koji Kanemoto, Don Bugh and Joe Mabel. Plus a host of individuals, some only with pseudonyms, who placed images on the Internet with explicit free use.

One of the best features of the Lost series also ends up being a weakness. The sites, businesses and events are sorted by date of loss. It allows for a very interesting view into the change that was underway and how it sometimes came in bunches. But after one end-to-end read, it becomes difficult to quickly find one of the topics. There’s a fine index, but it would be great to have an alternate table of contents, for example sorted alphabetically.

I’m going to do one better than that. Below is a searchable, sortable list of the contents of Lost Seattle.

There are a few things in the book that I can’t take credit for. Namely: the selection of the cover image; the selection of maps for the insides of the cover; and the general layout and design of the book. I think they’re all fabulous though.

Lost Seattle coverThe cover was purchased from Corbis Images, who resold a cleaned up version of a Museum of History & Industry archival image. That was taken by Seattle photographers Ira Webster and Nelson Stevens in 1905 or 1906. They were standing on top of the Alaska Building (now a Courtyard by Marriott hotel), and it was the left part of a panorama of Seattle’s waterfront.

The birds eye map on the inside cover came from the Library of Congress. It was drawn in 1891 by Augustus Koch with the full title “Birds-eye-view of Seattle and environs King County, Wash”. This is a rights-free document available as a massive TIFF that you can make bed sheets out of.

On the back cover is another great birds eye view, this one from 1878 by A. L. Bancroft titled “Bird’s eye view of the city of Seattle, Puget Sound, Washington Territory”. It’s also from the collection of the Library of Congress. The TIFF isn’t quite as large, and might be better for pillow cases or table cloths than bed sheets.

Interactive Table of Contents:

Site, Business or EventHow it was LostYear LostOrderPage
Yesler MillClosed188918
Great FireBubbled over1889210
Yesler-Leary BuildingBurned1889312
Occidental HotelConsumed1889414
Territorial UniversityMoved out of town1895516
Yesler MansionBurned1901618
Moran Brothers ShipyardSold1906720
Denny HotelDemolished1906822
City of BallardAnnexed1907924
Jackson RidgeRegraded19081026
First ChinatownRelocated19091128
Alaska Yukon Pacific ExpositionConcluded19091230
City of GeorgetownAnnexed19101332
Luna ParkDisassembled19131536
St. James Cathedral domeCollapsed19161638
King County CourthouseCondemned19271740
Denny HillRegraded19301842
Production of Street ClocksExpired19321944
Mosquito FleetRepelled by car ferries19362046
Colman Dock Clock TowerToppled19362148
Pioneer Square totem poleBurned and returned19382250
Interurban railwaysRipped up19392352
Cable carsTaken out of service19412556
Golden PotlatchGot tarnished19412862
Broadway High SchoolGraduated19463066
Firland SanatoriumRelocated19473168
Central SchoolShaken loose19493270
Carnegie Central LibraryModernized19573372
First Federal BuildingDemolished19583474
Jackson Street jazz scenePacked it in19583576
Warren NeighborhoodCleared19593678
Hotel SeattleDemolished for parking19613780
Yesler HillLeveled19623882
Century 21 ExhibitsScrapped19623984
Plymouth ChurchModernized19654086
New Pantages TheaterDemolished for parking19654188
Elks' HallKerpowed19664290
MacDougall and SouthwickQuit business19664392
Orpheum TheaterDemolished19674596
Green Lake Aqua TheaterDismantled19704698
Burke BuildingRazed197147100
White-Henry-Stuart BuildingDemolished197448102
G. O. Guy DrugsRebranded198749104
Westlake Monorail stationReplaced with mall198850106
I-5 Ramps to NowhereConnected199151108
Fox TheaterDemolished199252110
Frederick & NelsonDoors closed199253112
Naval Air Station SeattleDecommissioned199556118
Rainier BreweryTapped out199957120
Boeing HeadquartersMoved to Chicago200159124
Nippon KanDropped the curtain200561128
Washington MutualJunked200863132
Capitol Hill's Auto RowRelocated200964134
Schooner WawonaDismantled200965136
Lusty LadyTopped201066138
Fun ForestClearcut201167140
Fort LawtonDecommissioned201168142


Here is a partial a map of sites, neighborhoods, and events described in Lost Seattle. It currently goes through 1910.


This is a list of all known errors. They’ve all been corrected by the third printing. Please drop me a note to roket swirly gwu.edu if you find another one or have questions about any content.

The first few errors were corrected in the second printing:

1) Bad math in King County Courthouse. In the opening to the essay I say that the courthouse was an icon for 70 years. But if you do the math of construction starting in 1890 and demolition in 1927, it was only there for about 40 years.

2) Incorrect archive date in Mosquito Fleet. The caption for the main image says that it was taken in 1900. The Seattle Public Library has that on in their database (or they will until I email them). But the ferry is clearly carrying a huge crowd of visitors to Luna Park. So this must be between 1907 and 1913.

3) The top image on page 108 is incorrectly attributed to me. It was used from the Flickr account of Capitol Hill Seattle Blog’s Justin Carder. It appears to have been taken by Central District News writer “scott”, but it’s not clear to me now. At the time of writing I simply thought it was by Justin and rights-free. I assume that there are more errors in photograph attribution, and I hope to put together sortable, searchable list with corrections in the near future.

The following errors were corrected in the third printing:

4) Got the name of a Sonics legend wrong. On page 131 Lenny Wilkens is referred to as Larry Wilkens.

5) Wrong page number. In the photo credits, Seattle Public Library’s list includes “104 right”. That should be “106 right”.

6) The image on page 74 of the First Federal Building is incorrectly attributed to the Seattle Public Library. It actually came from the University of Washington Libraries.

7) The photograph on page 101 should be attributed to Paul Dorpat instead of Seattle Municipal Archives. While it is very similar to a photo in their collection, this was taken from a blog (linked below). My publisher suggested the change amidst a broader discussion and I missed it.

8) Seattle Municipal Archives is credited with photographs on pages 106 and 107. That should read 104 and 105. 107 was actually Corbis. 106 has two photos; the left came from Wikimedia (apparently attributed to Anova Image Library as 104 left), while the right came from Seattle Public Library (attributed as 104 right).

9) The photograph of the Golden Potlatch that appears with the Introduction was actually taken in 1911. The Washington State Archive has this incorrectly labeled as 1912. Two of the clocks in the photo were moved to 2nd Avenue in earl 1912, long before the summer festival.

10) The photograph of Pike Street in the Streetcars article on page 59 top was from the Washington State Archives’ King County Metro collection.

11) Both photographs on page 91 in the Elks Club article were taken from volume 12 number 1 of the journal The Architect. From the Internet Archive.

The following errors have not yet been corrected:

1) Alexander Pantages’ year of birth is listed as 1896 on page 88. That’s clearly impossible. He was really born in 1867.


The below table is a sortable list of images in the book. It is currently incomplete and only lists images from the Seattle Public Library, Seattle Municipal Archives, University of Washington, and Washington State Archives.

SourcePageLocationBook NoteSite, Business or EventURLCorrect or Complete Attribution
Seattle Public Library8leftYesler's MillLink to image
Seattle Public Library8rightYesler's MillLink to image
Seattle Public Library10Great FireLink to image
Seattle Public Library11leftGreat FireLink to image
Seattle Public Library11rightGreat FireLink to image
Seattle Public Library12Yesler-Leary BuildingLink to image
Seattle Public Library15Occidental HotelLink to image
Seattle Public Library16leftTerritorial UniversityLink to image
Seattle Public Library16rightTerritorial UniversityLink to image
Seattle Public Library17Territorial UniversityLink to image
Seattle Public Library18Yesler MansionLink to image
Seattle Public Library19bottomYesler MansionLink to image
Seattle Public Library22Denny HotelLink to image
Seattle Public Library23Denny HotelLink to image
Seattle Public Library24topCity of BallardLink to image
Seattle Public Library24bottomCity of BallardLink to image
Seattle Public Library26Jackson RidgeLink to image
Seattle Public Library27leftJackson RidgeLink to image
Seattle Public Library27rightJackson RidgeLink to image
Seattle Public Library28leftFirst ChinatownLink to image
Seattle Public Library31Alaska Yukon Pacific ExpositionLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives36topLuna ParkLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives36bottomLuna ParkLink to image
Seattle Public Library39leftSt. James CathedralLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives42Denny HillLink to image
Seattle Public Library43Denny HillLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives44rightProduction of Street ClocksLink to image
Seattle Public Library46Mosquito FleetLink to image
Seattle Public Library51leftPioneer Square Totem PoleLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives51rightPioneer Square Totem PoleLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives53Interurban RailwaysLink to image
Seattle Public Library55Interurban Railways
Seattle Public Library56rightCable Cars
Seattle Municipal Archives56leftCable CarsLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives58Streetcars?
Seattle Public Library59bottomStreetcarsLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives60topStreetcars?
Seattle Municipal Archives60bottomStreetcarsLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives61StreetcarsLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives62Golden PotlatchLink to image
Seattle Public Library63rightGolden PotlatchLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives63leftGolden PotlatchLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives67topBroadway High SchoolLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives68topFirland SanatoriumLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives68leftFirland SanatoriumLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives68rightFirland SanatoriumLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives69Firland SanatoriumLink to image
Seattle Public Library71topCentral SchoolLink to image
Seattle Public Library71bottomCentral SchoolLink to image
Seattle Public Library72Carnegie LibraryLink to image
Seattle Public Library73Carnegie LibraryLink to image
Seattle Public Library75topFirst Federal BuildingLink to image
Seattle Public Library75bottomFirst Federal BuildingLink to image
Seattle Public Library76Jackson Street Jazz Scene
Seattle Municipal Archives78Warren NeighborhoodLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives79Warren NeighborhoodLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives80bottomHotel SeattleLink to image
Seattle Public Library81Hotel SeattleLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives82Yesler HillLink to image
Seattle Public Library83Yesler HillLink to image
Seattle Public Library86leftPlymouth ChurchLink to image
Seattle Public Library86topPlymouth Church
Seattle Municipal Archives86bottomPlymouth ChurchLink to image
Seattle Public Library88leftNew Pantages Theater
Seattle Municipal Archives88rightNew Pantages TheaterLink to image
Seattle Public Library90Elks Hall
Seattle Municipal Archives92MacDougall and SouthwickLink to image
Seattle Public Library96leftOrpheum Theater
Seattle Public Library96rightOrpheum Theater
Seattle Municipal Archives98Green Lake Aqua TheaterLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives99leftGreen Lake Aqua TheaterLink to image
Paul Dorpat101Burke BuildingLink to imageIncorrectly attributed to Seattle Municipal Archives
Seattle Municipal Archives103leftWhite-Henry-Stuart BuildingLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives104Westlake Monorail StationLink to imageincorrectly says 106
Seattle Municipal Archives105Westlake Monorail StationLink to imageincorrectly says 107
Seattle Public Library106rightG.O. Guy DrugsLink to imageIncorrectly listed as "104 right" in first and second printings.
Seattle Municipal Archives109I-5 Ramps to NowhereLink to image
Seattle Public Library110Fox Theatre
Seattle Public Library112leftFrederick & Nelson
Seattle Public Library112rightFrederick & Nelson
Seattle Public Library116leftColiseumLink to image
Seattle Public Library116middleColiseumLink to image
Seattle Public Library116rightColiseumLink to image
Seattle Public Library117ColiseumLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives119bottom(Seattle Parks)Naval Air Station SeattleLink to image
Seattle Public Library120rightRainier Brewery
Seattle Municipal Archives120leftRainier BreweryLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives123rightKingdomeLink to image
Seattle Municipal Archives139rightLusty LadyLink to image
University of Washington Libraries9Yesler's MillLink to image
University of Washington Libraries14Occidental HotelLink to image
University of Washington Libraries20leftMoran Brothers ShipyardLink to image
University of Washington Libraries21Moran Brothers ShipyardLink to image
University of Washington Libraries25City of BallardLink to image
University of Washington Libraries28rightFirst ChinatownLink to image
University of Washington Libraries29First ChinatownLink to image
University of Washington Libraries33City of GeorgetownLink to image
University of Washington Libraries39middleSt. James CathedralLink to image
University of Washington Libraries54Interurban RailwaysLink to image
University of Washington Libraries57Cable CarsLink to image
University of Washington Libraries64rightJapantownLink to image
University of Washington Libraries66Broadway High SchoolLink to image
University of Washington Libraries70Central SchoolLink to image
University of Washington Libraries74First Federal BuildingLink to imageIncorrectly attributed to SPL. Corrected in third printing.
University of Washington Libraries89New Pantages TheaterLink to image
University of Washington Libraries93MacDougall and SouthwickLink to image
University of Washington Libraries129Nippon KanLink to image
Washington State Archives7Introduction (Golden Potlatch)Link to image
Washington State Archives13Yesler-Leary BuildingLink to image
Washington State Archives30Alaska Yukon Pacific ExpositionLink to image
Washington State Archives37Luna ParkLink to image
Washington State Archives47Mosquito FleetLink to image
Washington State Archives50Pioneer Square Totem PoleLink to image
Washington State Archives80topHotel SeattleLink to image
Washington State Archives94KalakalaLink to image
Washington State Archives97Orpheum TheaterLink to image
Washington State Archives108bottomI-5 Ramps to NowhereLink to image
Washington State Archives134Capitol Hill's Auto RowLink to image
Rob Ketcherside48bottomColman Dock Clock Tower
Washington State Archives59topStreetcarsLink to imageincorrectly attributed to Rob Ketcherside. Corrected in third printing.
Rob Ketcherside64leftJapantownLink to image
Internet Archive91left(The Architect)Elks ClubLink to ImageIncorrectly attributed. Corrected in third printing.
Internet Archive91right(The Architect)Elks ClubLink to imageIncorrectly attributed. Corrected in third printing.
Rob Ketcherside103sidebarWhite-Henry-Stuart BuildingLink to image
Scott Durham108topRamps to NowhereLink to imageIncorrectly attributed. Corrected in second printing
Rob Ketcherside132rightWashington MutualLink to image
Rob Ketcherside128leftNippon KanLink to image
Rob Ketcherside135(Callista Ostrander)Capitol Hill's Auto RowLink to photo
Rob Ketcherside140left(David C. Cook)Fun Forest
Paul Dorpat19bottomYesler Mansion
Paul Dorpat32(Courtesy Lawton Gowey)City of Georgetown
Paul Dorpat39sidebarSt. James Cathedral
Paul Dorpat40King County Courthouse
Paul Dorpat48top(Courtesy Waterfront Awareness)Colman Dock Clock Tower
Paul Dorpat52(Courtesy Lawton Gowey)Interurban Railways
Paul Dorpat87Plymouth Church
Anova48sidebar(Internet Archive?)Colman Dock Clock TowerLink to Image
Anova67bottomBroadway High School
Anova67sidebarBroadway High School
Anova95top rightKalakala
Wikimedia160(Seattle and the Orient)G. O. Guy DrugsIncorrectly listed as 104 left and attributed to Anova. Corrected in third printing.
Anova128middleNippon Kan
Anova139leftLusty Lady
Library of Congress20rightMoran Brothers Shipyard
Library of Congress100sidebarBurke Building
Library of Congress111topFox Theatre
Library of Congress111bottomFox Theatre
Library of Congress114Longacres
Library of Congress115leftLongacres
Library of Congress115rightLongacres
Library of Congress124bottomBoeing Headquarters
Library of Congress126INS
Library of Congress127topINS
Library of Congress127bottomINS
Library of Congress136leftSchooner Wawona
Library of Congress136rightSchooner Wawona
Library of Congress137Schooner Wawona
Museum of History & Industry34Georgetown
Museum of History & Industry35Georgetown
Museum of History & Industry38St. James Cathedral
Museum of History & Industry41King County Courthouse
Museum of History & Industry45Production of Street Clocks
Museum of History & Industry49Colman Dock Clock Tower
Museum of History & Industry77Jackson Street Jazz Scene
Museum of History & Industry95leftKalakala
Museum of History & Industry102White-Henry-Stuart Building
Museum of History & Industry113Frederick & Nelson
Museum of History & Industry142Fort Lawton
Corbis85Century 21 Exhibits
Corbis107G. O. Guy Drugs
Corbis121Rainier Brewery
Corbis125Boeing Headquarters
Getty Images118Naval Air Station Seattle
Getty Images139leftLusty Lady
Joe Mabel100leftBurke Building
Joe Mabel128rightNippon Kan
Joe Mabel132leftWashington Mutual
Don Bugh44left(Collection of)Production of Street Clocks
Koji D. Kanemoto65Japantown
National Archives and Records Administration84Century 21 Exhibits
Choking Sun95bottom rightKalakala
Dennis Bratland99rightGreen Lake Aqua Theatre
King County Archives122Kingdome
PH1 Harold J. Gerwien123leftKingdome
The Boeing Company124top
Achim Hepp131bottomSuperSonics
Jeramey Jannene131topSuperSonics
K.lee133Washington Mutual
Clark Humphrey138Lusty Lady
Chihuly Garden and Glass140rightFun Forest

Past Events:

I was lucky enough to be invited to the following author events for Lost Seattle: